Academic Activities

Develop your skills at our excursions, moot courts, and other academic events.

Academic Activities (AA) is one of ELSA's key areas that focuses on providing students with a diverse, interactive, and academic programme. Our Academic Activities consist of a number of different projects and activities designed to deepen your legal knowledge and to enable practicing the necessary skills needed in the daily work of a lawyer. Our Lawyers at Work events, moot courts, and negotiation competitions help you improve your argumentation, performance, and teamwork skills. Various national and international writing projects will give you first-hand experience in academic writing and legal research.

This page contains information about our key academic projects.


Lawyers at Work Events

Lawyers at Work (L @ W) events by ELSA are visits to businesses and other institutions, and their purpose is to familiarise students with potential future employers. In addition to the company's operations, the visits often include information about traineeships. Visits often conclude on more informal part with the opportunity to discuss with company employees and ask questions.

Previously L@W events include e.g. various courts (such as the Supreme Court of Finland), ministries, government agencies, law firms, and other companies.

Do you have an idea for a great L@W event? You can send it to our AA team! Find the contact details at the bottom of this page.

John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition

The John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition (JHJMCC, formerly known as ELSA Moot Court Competition) is an internationally highly respected moot court competition organied by ELSA. The competition is organised in cooperation with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and focuses on international commercial law. Students participate in groups of 2–4, and the finals will be held in Geneva at WTO headquarters! The aim of the moot court is to develop participants' knowledge of international commercial law and the WTO dispute settlement procedure, as well as the overall ability to participate in multilateral trade negotiations.

Read more about JHJMCC

European Human Rights Moot Court Competition

The European Human Rights Moot Court Competition (EHRMCC) is an internationally highly respected moot court competition organised by ELSA on European human rights law and the European Convention on Human Rights. ELSA organises the competition in cooperation with the European Court of Human Rights. The finals will be held in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, and members of the winning team get a traineeship at the court!

Interested in EHRMCC? Keep track of your local group's and ELSA Finland's marketing channels in order to know when the application period starts. If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to contact your national or local AA representative. You can find contact information at the end of the page.

Read more about EHRMCC


ELSA Finland's National Moot Court Competition

ELSA Finland's National Moot Court Competition (NMCC) is a Finnish case law competition open to law students. Competition is an excellent opportunity to practice practicing and argumentation skills in practice for a lawyer, and to deepen the topic of the case. The competition is held in Finnish.

Learn more about NMCC

ELSA Legal Research

At the international level, ELSA organises cross-border academic research and writing (Legal Research). National research groups from each participating ELSA member country studies a particular topic of law or subject matter from the point of view of their own legal system.

Learn more about ELSA Legal Research

ELSA Law Review

The ELSA Law Review is an annual, student-edited and peer-reviewed law journal published by the European Law Students' Association (ELSA).

The mission of the ELSA Law Review is to create a forum for the analysis and discussion of contemporary legal issues by serving as an avenue for the ELSA network to publish its academic work. It aims to provide law students and young lawyers, as well as the wider legal profession, with a source of critical commentary that is outside the scope of the typical legal curriculum.

The ELSA Law Review is a publication since 1989 and it used to be published twice per year until 1996. It was re-established in 2015.

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ELSA Finland's National Essay Competition

ELSA Finland has on many years organised a national essay competition, which is open to all law students in Finland. The essay competition is a great opportunity to showcase your skills directly to potential employers, because competitions are have usually been organised in cooperation with a legal sponsor who also picks the winner. The prizes from previous years have included internships, iPads, legal books and more. Follow ELSA Finland in social media to know when the next competition is coming!

Learn more about the competition

Free tickets to professional seminars and trainings

ELSA occasionally offers to its members free tickets to professional seminars and training on topical legal issues. The events can be either in English or in Finnish. For more information on free tickets and how to apply for them, please follow our mailing lists and social media channels.

Read more about free tickets offered by ELSA Finland.

International Focus Programme

The International Focus Program (IFP) offers ELSA member countries the opportunity to focus on a current issues during a pretermined period. The current IFP theme is Law & Technology. The idea of IFP is to raise awareness of a particular internationally important theme. The purpose is also to bring the ELSA network together, as everyone is committed to organising events related to the theme. The IFP is particularly visible every spring during the IFP Month, which brings lots of events to ELSA members and other students.

IFP theme for 2020 is Law & Technology.

Read more about IFP

Read about the 2018 IFP Week in Helsinki (in Finnish)

Local events

ELSA Helsingin neuvottelukilpailu

ELSA Helsinki on vuodesta 2017 alkaen järjestänyt ELSA Internationalin standardien mukaisen neuvottelukilpailun. Kilpailussa simuloidaan juridista neuvottelutilannetta, jossa osapuolet edustavat päämiehiään ja täten pyrkivät saavuttamaan tälle suotuisimman neuvottelutuloksen.

Kilpailu on erinomainen tilaisuus päästä harjoittelemaan työelämässä tärkeitä käytännöntaitoja ja tuomaristossa istuukin kokeneet neuvottelijat, jotka antavat erittäin hyödyllisiä vinkkejä tulevaisuuteen.

Kilpailuun haetaan useampi kahden hengen joukkue ennen joulua. Itse kilpailu käydään kuitenkin vasta helmikuun alussa, kun kilpailijat ovat saaneet perehdytyksen kyseisen vuoden aiheeseen workshopien muodossa.

Kiinnostaako ELSA Helsingin neuvottelukilpailu? Ole yhteydessä ELSA Helsingin AA-vastaavaan (...@...).

ELSA Helsingin Legal English -tapahtuma

ELSA Helsingin ja Hannes Snellmanin kanssa yhteistyössä järjestettävä Legal English on oikeudellisen englanninkielentaitoihin keskittyvä tapahtuma. Tapahtuman aikana käymme läpi oikeudellisessa materiaalissa usein esille tulevia kielivirheitä sekä ratkaisuehdotuksia. Kehitämme opiskelijoiden oikeudellista englanninkielentaitoa käytännönläheisesti pienessä ryhmässä ammattitaitoisten kieli- ja juridiikanosaajien avustuksella.

Legal English -tapahtuman ajankohta vaihtelee vuosittain.

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If you have any questions about our Academic Activities, please contact the national or local AA representatives.

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