ELSA Finland

ELSA Finland is the Finnish National Group of ELSA, the European Law Students' Association.

As a national group of ELSA, ELSA Finland takes care of Finland's international relations in the Europe-wide ELSA network. In Finland, ELSA Finland supports the activities of its own local groups, improves communication between them, and informs them about international ELSA events. In this way, ELSA Finland acts as a channel of communication between local groups and the international ELSA network. ELSA Finland organises national moot courts and academic writing competitions, and coordinates the organisation of joint events between local groups. The board of ELSA Finland is elected annually at the spring National Council Meeting (NCM), where Finnish local groups exercise their voting rights. ELSA Finland has the right to vote as part of the International Council of ELSA.

Board of ELSA Finland 2020–2021

Mikko Laitinen
Nea Nurmela
Secretary General
Mia Pihkala
Nathalie Noth
Vice President for Marketing
Jussi Kataja
Vice President for Moot Court Competitions
Emma Kuusela-Opas
Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme
Eve Ahonen
Director for Human Rights
Pilvi Dunder
Director for Key Area Projects
Milla Marttila
Director for Internal Management
Maria Vaunumäki
Director for Fundraising
Academic Activities
Seminars & Conferences

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