ELSA Legal Research

An opportunity for law students to actively engage in a realistic research experience

ELSA organises Legal Research in the form of Legal Research Groups (LRG) – groups of law students and young lawyers to be set up annually in the ELSA network to produce comparative legal research in English on a topical and internationally significant issue. The first Legal Research Group in ELSA was established in 1997 on international criminal law.

International Legal Research Group is made up of National Research Groups where law students and young lawyers study a particular field of law from perspective of their national legal system. Each National Research Group produces a report of about 30 pages and answers elaborate research questions of what national legislative measures have been taken in that area and how international obligations have been implemented at a national level. National research reports are compiled and results are published in a finalized comparative report.

LRG offers a unique opportunity to practice legal and academic writing skills. Each participant gets their name in an international publication that will be accessible to everyone. The results of a highly prestigious research may also enable wider influence in national and international legal developments.

Previous publications have been prepared in collaboration with International Criminal Court, International Labour Organization and the Council of Europe. Read previous publications

Legal Research Group: organization and positions

National Research Group is made up of a National Coordinator, National Researchers, Technical Editors, Linguistic Editors and Academic Supervisors. Researchers are law students and graduates who are responsible for writing the research report with support of Technical and Linguistic Editors. Participants must be current or future lawyers specialized or highly interested in the subject matter and committed throughout the project. The research work is carried out with the help and guidance of the best experts in that field of law. National Coordinator forms the National Research Group, maintains continuous communication with the group members and the International Coordination Team, and ensures high quality of the report and compliance with given timeline.

International Coordination Team led by a Head of Team is responsible for the overall management of the Legal Research Group. International Human Resources Coordinator takes care of the internal affairs of the Legal Research Group and maintains continuous communication with all stakeholders. International Academic Coordinator is responsible for developing Academic Framework and Visual Guidelines together with International Academic Supervisors and partners. International Coordination Team is responsible for compiling and finalizing the national research reports and the final publication.

International Legal Research Group on Renewable Energy

The topic of the newly launched International Legal Research Group is energy law and renewable energy, in accordance with the current IFP theme. National Research Groups study what legislative measures concerning renewable energy have been taken at national level, and how national energy policies and regulation of renewable energy are in line with the obligations of the European Union and international legal regulation. The research is published in collaboration with MC Academy and Wolf Legal Publishers.

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Nordic Legal Research Group

ELSA Denmark, ELSA Finland, ELSA Norway and ELSA Sweden are initiating the first joint Legal Research Group of the Nordic ELSA countries (Nordic LRG). Nordic LRG will focus on contemporary topic of Nordic Law. Nordic LRG offers all Nordic ELSA members a unique opportunity to practice legal and academic writing and research skills and to strengthen Nordic cooperation. Nordic Coordination Team will start the preparatory work of the research project in spring 2019, and concludes its work in a symposium and publication of the final research report in December 2019.

The students will be supported throughout the research period by their National Academic Supervisors and the Nordic Team of Editors. All students will be prepared for the research experience through a kick-off webinar and will be supplied with guidelines on conducting research.

Becoming a researcher of the Nordic LRG is an excellent opportunity for students interested in enhancing their legal research skills and seeing their name on print. Specifically partaking in the LRG gives you the opportunity to:

  • Actively acquire legal knowledge;
  • Get acquainted with and apply legal English terminology;
  • Enhance your employability by actively applying your legal skills;
  • Cooperate with experts with the field of Nordic (Family) Law;
  • Develop skills within research, legal writing and teamwork; and
  • See your name featured in a valid publication gaining recognition in aprofessional environment

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Contact us at: nordiclrg@dk.elsa.org

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