ELSA Rovaniemi

ELSA Rovaniemi is the ELSA Local Group for law students at the University of Lapland.

ELSA Rovaniemi is a local group of ELSA, the European Law Students’ Association. ELSA Rovaniemi is active at the University of Lapland where it supports local law students at learning, career development, and going international.

ELSA – The European Law Students' Association

ELSA is an international organisation run by and for students. ELSA has more than 50 000 members coming from over 300 faculties of law. ELSA consists of ELSA International Board, National Groups (such as ELSA Finland) and Local Groups (such as ELSA Helsinki, ELSA Joensuu, ELSA Rovaniemi and ELSA Turku).

The activities organized by ELSA are divided into three key areas: Academic Activities provides many opportunities to practice important skills and explore legal career opportunities through excursions, moot court competitions and other academic events. Seminars & Conferences organises seminars and international events that provide opportunities to network and meet fellow students in Finland and abroad. STEP traineeships offer law students and young lawyers with valuable opportunities to work abroad.

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Our events have as low threshold as possible for participating, and the easiest way to join our activities is to simply show up! Yearly we organise dozens of events such as study trips, excursions, seminars and competitions and promote the international possibilities ELSA has to offer. For some events the members of our association are prioritised, so you should join us in order to secure your participation. As a member of your ELSA Local Group, you are also entitled to the membership benefits of other Finnish ELSA groups. You can easily become a member by clicking the link below and purchasing your membership from our online store! You can also join our mailing list in order to keep up with current and upcoming activities!

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ELSA Rovaniemi

Yliopistonkatu 8


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Board of ELSA Rovaniemi 2019–2020

The board exists to best serve the members, so please contact us with any questions, feedback, or suggestions. Let’s make your ideas reality!

Riina-Maria Rissanen
Tatu Prehti
Secretary General
Laura Sairanen
Nelah Stiller
Vice President for Marketing
Iris Rapaport
Director for Internal Management
Iina Ryynänen
Vice President for Seminars & Conferences
Sofianni Apaja
Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme
Silja Pohjakallio
Director for Fundraising
Anni Leikola
Director for Academic Activities
Elisa Leinonen
Deputy for Academic Activities
Elise Kemppainen
Director for Marketing


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