Seminars & Conferences

ELSA members get many opportunities to develop their skills, network, and meet new people in Finland and abroad!

Seminars & Conferences (S&C) is the ELSA key area focused on international activities and cooperation between different ELSA groups within the network. Core S&C activities include study trips abroad, but the team also does much more. In addition to Study Visit trips and Institutional Visit trips, ELSA S&C team also provides opportunities to participate in international delegations and ELSA Law Schools.

This page contains information about our key S&C projects.

ELSA Delegations

ELSA holds consultative membership in several international organizations such as the Council of Europe and various UN bodies. ELSA regularly sends delegations formed by its members to international sessions on major international issues. In total, ELSA sends over 300 delegates every around the world.

ELSA Delegations provide members with the opportunity to follow the sessions of major international institutions and gain valuable experience on how decision-making and cooperation between countries take place in practice. Employers also appreciate the international experience gained by delegations.

International practice

See the day-to-day work of prestigious institutions and experience the practice of drafting international treaties.

Unique experience

Get experience in areas of law that you would not otherwise have access to. Learn to understand the factors behind international decision-making.

Experienced professionals

Make the most out of the opportunity to meet leading lawyers around the world. Promote your career by networking with professional diplomats.

ELSA Law Schools

ELSA Law Schools are 1 to 2 weeks long courses in the field of law, held in the summer or winter. During ELSA Law Schools you will get to explore the subject and other participants from around Europe around a specific legal topic. No prior knowledge is required or assumed for an ELSA Law School.

The program typically includes lectures and workshops from experts in the field, as well as social programme such as sightseeing, a gala ball, and parties. How would you like to learn about maritime law in Malta or medical law in sunny Thessaloniki?

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Partner law schools

ELSA members also have access to reduced prices for CBL International's intensive courses held abroad (e.g. in China, Dubai and England). The courses broaden the legal and comparative understanding of other legal systems and cultures.

Learn more about ELSA partner law schools


FinEst is an annual two-day autumn event held in Helsinki and Tallinn. The study trip is organised in cooperation with ELSA Estonia, and half of the participants are Estonian law students. The programs include visits to law firms and institutions, sightseeing and social programme. The event focuses on a particular area of law; examples of previous themes include data protection law, environmental and maritime law, and arbitration. The topics are chosen so as to not require previous knowledge, and during the visits there is an opportunity to learn about national legislation from a broader perspective. Read more and go like our Facebook page!

Baltic Sea Exchange

Baltic Sea Exchange (BSX) is an annual excursion organised by ELSA Finland and ELSA Sweden in early spring. BSX attendees visit law firms and institutions in Helsinki and Stockholm. During the visit, the participants become acquainted with potential career paths in the future and learn about e.g. competition law and human rights. In addition to Finnish and Swedish students, BSX also has a quota for ELSA members from other countries. This means that international spirit and friendships are guaranteed!

Learn more about BSX

Study Visits

Study Visits (SV) are academic trips abroad that are organised in cooperation with the local ELSA group of the destination country. Most SV trips are organised in a bilateral fashion, which means that two local groups visit each other in their home towns. The trip program includes social and cultural program to familiarise yourself with the local legal and work culture.

Study Visits offer a great opportunity to establish new international friendships, and the participants get much more out of the destination when guided by local students. Recent destinations have included e.g. Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Bologna, and Prague.

Institutional Visits

Institutional Visits (IV) are excursions to major European cities and major international institutions in them. The main focus of an IV trip is to get to know the city and its the cultural heritage, not to forget some social program. Examples of recent destinations include Madrid, Brussels, and Strasbourg.

Follow your local group's mailing list and social media channels to be the first to know about our SV and IV trips!

International Focus Programme

The International Focus Program (IFP) offers ELSA member countries the opportunity to focus on a current issues during a pretermined period. The current IFP theme is Environmental Law (for the period from 1 August 2016 to 31 December 2019). The idea of IFP is to raise awareness of a particular internationally important theme. The purpose is also to bring the ELSA network together, as everyone is committed to organising events related to the theme. The IFP is particularly visible every spring during the IFP Week, which brings lots of events to ELSA members and other students. The 2019 IFP week will take place between 8 and 14 April 2019.

ELSA will decide the 2020 IFP theme soon, stay tuned!

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Read about the 2018 IFP Week in Helsinki (in Finnish)

Contact us

If you have any questions about our Seminars & Conferences, please contact the national or local S&C representatives.

ELSA Finland:

Sarianne Hirvonen

Vice President for Seminars & Conferences, ELSA Finland


ELSA Helsinki:

Daniel Obadasi

Vice President for Seminars & Conferences, ELSA Helsinki


ELSA Joensuu:

Irene Ojala & Kristiina Turunen

Vice President for Seminars & Conferences, ELSA Joensuu


ELSA Rovaniemi:

Kristiina Rautiainen

Vice President for Seminars & Conferences, ELSA Rovaniemi


ELSA Turku:

Heta Salmi & Iida Knaappila

Vice Presidents for Seminars & Conferences, ELSA Turku