Why to join ELSA? The reason is very simple: perfection of your skills. During my six-years active membership, I have personally experienced a huge amount of unique opportunities provided by ELSA. I have participated in three ELSA Law Schools: I was a delegate to the United Nations and the Council of Europe, published several legal articles, created a huge network of personal contacts and discovered various jurisdictions and legal fields. In addition to that, I have organized hundreds of various projects, delivered a huge number of workshops and developed my soft skills, such as IT, marketing, communication and much more, I have found friends for life.

Therefore, if you are not sure, whether ELSA is the thing for you, just keep in mind all the opportunities you are currently missing without ELSA and consider whether you want to become one of the leading lawyers. Each single law student has an education provided by the university, but not everyone has a chance to get his dream job. To sum up, my advice is to work on your perfection with ELSA.