ELSA Alumni Finland

ELSA Alumni Finland is a network of ELSA-based lawyers, established in 2006.

ELSA Alumni Finland aims to maintain and grow a network of lawyers with ELSA background both in Finland and abroad. Our activities include excursions and freeform meetings, trainings for alumni and ELSA members. ELSA Alumni Finland also offers financial and other support to ELSA Finland.

Practical activities of ELSA Alumni Finland include, for example, afterwork events, excursions to institutions and law firms, and other excellent networking events.

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Board contact details:

President: Jarl-Johan Héde (...@...)

Secretary General: Arlene Eräheimo (...@...)

Treasurer: Jussi Väätäinen

Vice President for Marketing: Maria Karpathakis (...@...)

Event Manager : Milla Favén

Director for International Relations : Anna Haipola

The most convenient way to reach the board members is via the above email addresses.

ELSA Lawyers Society

The ELSA Lawyers Society (ELS), established in 1991, is the international alumni association of ELSA. The mission of ELS is to maintain an international network of lawyers with ELSA background, and to facilitate sharing of knowledge and experiences between its members. ELS is part of the ELSA network and supports many projects of ELSA.

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