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Application period for STEP is here! STEP (the Student Trainee Exchange Programme) application period is open until the 15th of April 2019 23:59 CET. There

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Seminars and Study Visits

ELSA organises seminars where students can deepen their knowledge of different legal topics. ELSA also organizes Study Visits which provide a great opportunity to make new international friends.

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Professional development and international experience

As a member of ELSA, you have a great opportunity to advance your professional development already as a student. ELSA organises excursions to enable participants to explore the career opportunities of law students as widely as possible. By attending ELSA’s international traineeship programme you get practical work experience and get to know new people across the world.

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Legal writing and competitions

ELSA offers academic projects to enable participants to deepen their knowledge and skills of different legal areas. ELSA’s moot court competitions are a great way to practice important professional skills.

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Not only does ELSA provide a good basis for future lawyers, judges and prosecutors, but it is also perfect for business minded individuals. The experiences one gets in ELSA, may it be debating, conducting a research or working with international groups of people, are beneficial for a future career in business. As the world becomes more international by the day, it is important to keep an international mindset and not only focus on the immediate surroundings.

-Leander van Delden, Germany

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