ELSA Delegations

Experience international decision-making as part of ELSA Delegations to renowned international institutions!


ELSA Delegations:

Experience international decision-making!

ELSA holds consultative membership in several international organisations such as the Council of Europe and various UN bodies. ELSA regularly sends delegations formed by its members to international sessions on major international issues. In total, ELSA sends over 300 delegates every around the world.

ELSA Delegations provide members with the opportunity to follow the sessions of major international institutions and gain valuable experience on how decision-making and cooperation between countries take place in practice. Employers also appreciate the international experience gained by delegations.

International practice

See the day-to-day work of prestigious institutions and experience the practice of drafting international treaties.

Unique experience

Get experience in areas of law that you would not otherwise have access to. Learn to understand the factors behind international decision-making.

Experienced professionals

Make the most out of the opportunity to meet leading lawyers around the world. Promote your career by networking with professional diplomats.

Applying to ELSA Delegations

Calls for delegates will be published every couple of months. Delegation meetings usually take five days and a single delegation consists of 4 to 5 people. Participating in an ELSA Delegation is free, but the participants will pay for their own travel and accommodation. ELSA Delegations are open to all ELSA members, so as a delegate you also get to know law students from other countries. Stay informed about ELSA Delegations by subscribing to our mailing lists and following us in social media!

When applying for a delegation, prepare a motivation letter (up to 500 words) and a curriculum vitae. Previous experience at ELSA can be useful, but is not mandatory. You can apply to and participate in ELSA Delegations multiple times during your time as a student. Applying to ELSA Delegations is always worth it! Delegates will be selected based on a set of general selection criteria.

Read delegate testimonials to learn what previous delegates have experienced. Feel free to send any questions about ELSA Delegations to seminarsconferences@fi.elsa.org.


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