ELSA Law Schools

Deepen your knowledge of an interesting field of law and get to know your future colleagues in Europe by attending ELSA Law Schools!

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ELSA Law Schools are intensive courses (duration 1 to 2 weeks) in the field of law, held in the summer or winter. During ELSA Law Schools you will get to explore the subject and other participants from around Europe around a specific legal topic. No prior knowledge is required or assumed for an ELSA Law School.

The program typically includes lectures and workshops from experts in the field, as well as social programme such as sightseeing, a gala ball, and parties. How would you like to learn about maritime law in Malta or medical law in sunny Thessaloniki?

ELSA Law Schools are open to everyone, but members have access to lower participation fees. Members pay a fee of up to 350€ for the first seven days, which includes academic programme, accommodation, meals, local transportation, and most of the social programme. Additionally there is an extra fee for additional days. The application periods are usually in March for the Summer ELSA Law Schools and in Octover–November for the Winter ELSA Law Schools. You can apply by submitting a motivation letter and a curriculum vitae on the application page during the application period. Please mention in the application if you have previous knowledge on the subject, as it may be considered to your advantage. For more information on ELSA Law Schools, please contact us at seminarsconferences@fi.elsa.org.