International Focus Programme

Raises awareness of a specific field of law and highlights legal developments in this area bringing added value to legal studies

ELSA’s International Focus Programme (IFP) is internationally hot topic of law, which is jointly selected (read more about decision-making in ELSA) and aimed at raising awareness and interest in a particular field of law. The main idea of IFP is to highlight legal developments in this area and bring added value to legal studies, as well as to unify the entire ELSA network. All national and local groups are committed to organising academic and social events and activities related to the theme for a fixed period of time. In addition, the ELSA Legal Research Group project is built annually around the IFP topic. Some of the previous IFP themes have included intellectual property rights and media law.

Our IFP partners gain visibility among a network of over 50 000 members in 44 countries. Their contribution supports students’ expertise and profiling in accordance with ELSA’s values, and the dissemination of awareness of an important topic.

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Current IFP topic is Law & Technology. With IFP, ELSA aims to address the multi-level issues of this rapidly growing and important area of law. ELSA has organised and will keep organising a wide range of events and activities on issues such as law & techonology.

The current theme will continue until 31st July 2022.

IFP Month

International Focus Programme culminates in the annual IFP Month in April, bringing the ELSA together and offering its members plenty of both academic and social events related to the current theme. Each year, ELSA Finland rewards a local group that has organised the most diverse events and best implemented the IFP theme.

In Finland, IFP Month 2021 will be held in April. Follow our web pages and social media channels to be the first to know about the events in our IFP Month!

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If you have any questions about our International Focus Programme activities, please contact our IFP coordinator.

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