Application period for STEP is here! STEP (the Student Trainee Exchange Programme) application period is open until the 15th of April 2019 23:59 CET. There are 263 traineeships in 34 different countries!

STEP provides law students a possibility to get international work experience. There are traineeships available to students at all stages of their studies and also to recent graduates. The importance of internationality in worklife can’t be highlighted enough. Who wouldn’t appreciate international working experience or the courage it takes to move to another country? You can find the traineeships online at

STEP is an unique opportunity to work and live abroad. STEP provides valuable working experience and helps to get to know a new country and culture, improve your language skills and learn more about the legal systems abroad. STEP traineeships range from two weeks to two years so you can choose a traineeship that suits your life situation best!

There are traineeships both in private and public sector and the tasks are related to different branches of law. Something for everyone! Use the [search functionality]( to find the training places that suits you best! Many law students get their first law-related workplace through STEP but the programme also gives you opportunities to deepen your knowledge in the field of law you are interested in.  Read more about STEP online at [](

You can submit the STEP application form in our [website]( Browse the available traineeships and choose from 1 to 3 traineeships you prefer most. You can find the requirements for each traineeship on the traineeship’s information page. Read the [instructions for filling out the STEP application form]( carefully before submitting your application.

STEP provides also an amazing opportunity to get to know other law students abroad! Local ELSA group will help you with practical matters such as finding an apartment, getting a tax card and organizes social program. You don’t have to be afraid of being alone in a new country!

Did you get interested? Choose from 1 to 3 traineeships you prefer most, update your CV, write motivation letters and submit your application!

[Read more and apply!](